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January 11, 2013


Japanese artistry, whether in sculpture, gardening, cuisine or gift-wrapping always astonish me in an awe-inspiring way. For something very simple, there is an art that makes it very special. Kokedama is a new term to me and I tried to find a literal translation on the web but did not find one so allow my […]

April 12, 2012

A glass is now a vase

In the same vein as a file cabinet standing in as a night table in a recent post, here is another dual function for a lone vintage glass (whose other 5 siblings I have long broken in my many moves) . Three weeks ago I had a glass pie plate which I planted with juncus […]

April 3, 2012

Succulent Terrarium

Terrariums have always fascinated me. They thrive in a cocoon-like bubble and make do with moisture and air generated from within. That was the other draw, they survive with minimum (but practical) care. The minimum care is a given, high maintenance living things are just not worth it 🙂 The practical bit of it was […]

March 30, 2012

Juncus Spiralis aka Corkscrew Rush

Why does a floral centerpiece have to be moved come dinnertime ? You’ve encountered this at one point, you set your table and the attractive (but towering) floral centerpiece is an exercise in peek-a-boo madness with your guests. I always challenged myself for a solution but the aesthetic in me refused to have practicality trump […]

March 16, 2012

Bouquets to Art

  Celebrate spring at the de Young Museum, with the return of Bouquets to Art, the glorious annual floral exhibition and fundraiser. This five-day event, now in its 28th year, is produced by the San Francisco Auxiliary of the Fine Arts Museums featuring designs by 150 innovative local floral designers who create displays that are […]

February 9, 2012

Florence Broadhurst

Ever heard of Florence Broadhurst ? I was “introduced” to her talent in January, when browsing around Cadrys, a store devoted to specialty rugs in Sydney, I spotted a very David Hicks-ian geometric pattern aptly named “Steps”. That incident led me to doing research on this Aussie designer whose colors and print aesthetic is half […]

February 8, 2012

Our New Primrose Trees

Last weekend, after a year of waiting, we finally got a call from Friends of the Urban Forest scheduling us to receive and plant our trees of choice. We are located in a corner property and we had already 2 full grown trees when we moved in (which we don’t really care about, first they […]