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June 18, 2014

Bette Midler’s Manhattan Penthouse Apartment

A penthouse, in Manhattan belonging to Bette Midler but unlike most Hollywood celebrity homes, hers is restrained with details carefully chosen. It is a true testament to the adage that a lifestyle dictates the design. When that is achieved, it is the mark of good design.                   […]

April 20, 2014

Roman and Williams for Tracy Martin’s Brooklyn Home

I first came across the book “Roman and Williams Buildings & Interiors : Things We Made” on Amazon a couple of years ago. Giving it a quick cover to cover flip, I thought it was a beautiful book that chronicles many of the firm’s and the couple’s projects. I have stacks and stacks of books […]

April 8, 2013

William Hefner – C Magazine for Men Spring 2013

Aged brass accents, unfinished woods and plenty of natural light. This William Hefner designed home is a testament that good elements that stand on it’s own can never go wrong in any setting.   The muted and aged patina of the brass candleholders and main overhead lamp fixture depict a way of life that shows […]

March 13, 2013

Houston House by Pamela Pierce – Veranda March 2013

At yoga there is a pose that I have been struggling with for many years, twenty one years to be exact. There are some advanced moves that come easy to me, but this…. I huff and puff and my butt won’t levitate more than an inch off my mat. At my class tonight my teacher […]

February 19, 2013

Gold Accents in Hardware or Fixtures

What is it about gold that makes my heart palpitate ? I am not talking of gold on my finger, my wrist or around my neck. The gold mania has gone beyond the borders of feminine necessity to become the object that is the jewel to a bathroom or powder room or kitchen ! I’ve […]

January 30, 2013

Count Benedikt Bolza’s Umbrian Estate – Architectural Digest Feb 2013

There is always an image in my head that comes with the words Umbrian estate- a stone exterior structure in the middle of rolling hills, verdant and picturesque with vines that stand like soldiers on march set upon a flood of vibrant sun. But the adjective estate, much as my current enamor for Downton Abbey, […]

January 5, 2013

Axel Vervoordt – Elle Decor Dec 2012 / Jan 2013

Every now and then I am asked which designers motivate and inspire me. To be more exact, who is the ONE I most revere ?

Axel Vervoordt has always been on the top of my five. Reading this article from Elle Decor reminds me why.

He is what he is from a devotion to his craft, his fame is not inherited although the precepts that may have got him to be who he is today, may have a lot to owe to his family upbringing.
In reading this article that is a good “peek” into his philosophy of design and living, you will understand, as I have, that good design is true, it is simple and it takes time.

Why I love Axel Vervoordt is because he is honest as his designs are. There is no evidence of confirming or of commercial motivation. He is true to what he thinks is beautiful and captivating. Most often, the most simple things are the closest to perfection because they are imperfect. They become that as their true essence is exposed. The hairline scratches on a marble table, the stains on a solid butcher block, the smooth and buffed brass door knob which is held over and over many times during the day. These simple events make you aware that design work moves in a continuum as it moves day to day. It moves with you as your life unfolds.

Design is not simply visual appreciation. It is an sentient experience that is a reflection of your life.

This is why Axel Vervoordt is my design fable.