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September 13, 2015

Decorate by Numb#rs

My sister just moved to a new house in LA. Two months ago (and counting), we’ve been on the phone with me answering her questions that entailed numerical answers: measurements to be more exact. I get these all the time from friends and family. I am happy to help but sometimes there are issues that […]

January 5, 2013

Axel Vervoordt – Elle Decor Dec 2012 / Jan 2013

Every now and then I am asked which designers motivate and inspire me. To be more exact, who is the ONE I most revere ?

Axel Vervoordt has always been on the top of my five. Reading this article from Elle Decor reminds me why.

He is what he is from a devotion to his craft, his fame is not inherited although the precepts that may have got him to be who he is today, may have a lot to owe to his family upbringing.
In reading this article that is a good “peek” into his philosophy of design and living, you will understand, as I have, that good design is true, it is simple and it takes time.

Why I love Axel Vervoordt is because he is honest as his designs are. There is no evidence of confirming or of commercial motivation. He is true to what he thinks is beautiful and captivating. Most often, the most simple things are the closest to perfection because they are imperfect. They become that as their true essence is exposed. The hairline scratches on a marble table, the stains on a solid butcher block, the smooth and buffed brass door knob which is held over and over many times during the day. These simple events make you aware that design work moves in a continuum as it moves day to day. It moves with you as your life unfolds.

Design is not simply visual appreciation. It is an sentient experience that is a reflection of your life.

This is why Axel Vervoordt is my design fable.

May 14, 2012

Paint : Oil-Based vs Water-Based

  Color is power. It is the one small change that can give the biggest impact in a space. When we talk color application, the simplest, easiest, less costly solution is to paint. But the simplest solution does not mean we do not need to answer or address certain conditions in the decision to paint […]