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September 21, 2014


I am struck by the popularity of monograms and its staying power. What I thought would be a two year trend has now gone way past that and I am certainly hoping the art and its use won’t lose favor. Monograms first appeared on coins, as early as 350BC. The earliest known examples are of the […]

March 15, 2013

James Salter – Departures Magazine March-April 2013

I came across James Salter in this article from the Paris Review. Salter is an American short-story writer who I am disadvantaged to discovering not sooner. Piqued by Salter’s James Bond appeal and by his courage to embrace new things, leaving the old behind- convinced me that this author brings something “non-fiction” to a fictional novel. […]

February 21, 2012

Details by Lilli Diallo, a stylist

Doing some organizing of books in my office library this morning (some had to go down to the major bookshelves for lack of precious shelf real estate). Saw this enticing book of Lilli Diallo, a Manhattan stylist, aptly named DETAILS. Lili Diallo | Stylist The book is not a historical or period style resource but it […]

February 9, 2012

Florence Broadhurst

Ever heard of Florence Broadhurst ? I was “introduced” to her talent in January, when browsing around Cadrys, a store devoted to specialty rugs in Sydney, I spotted a very David Hicks-ian geometric pattern aptly named “Steps”. That incident led me to doing research on this Aussie designer whose colors and print aesthetic is half […]

December 1, 2011

Broosk Saib – Elle Decor Dec 2011

In his London apartment, Baghdad-born Broosk Saib takes an irreverent and colorful approach to traditional British style as seen in the pages of Elle Decor this month. In a leafy suburb in southwest London, Saib gave his apartment an update that not only colored it with life but altered its “bones” for today’s living and […]

November 22, 2011

Quiet – Marie Clare Dec 2011

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Susan Cain a corporate lawyer who spent five years researching introverts. QUIET : The Power of Introverts in a World that can’t stop Talking, is the product of her research and writing. In June this year, the New York Times’ Opinion section printed an article by Ms. Cain that tackled shyness, introvert behavior and similarities […]

October 15, 2011

Bernier talks Art – Elle Decor October 2011

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Art collection is a very personal journey- yesterday, I posted the Maria Brito feature on the GooP blog on the current mode of collecting. Today I came across another article on Elle Decor on Rosamond Bernier’s philosophy. Hers is a more traditional approach and click here Rosamond Bernier  to understand her work and career.   […]