Monday - September 19, 2011

Witt House – CA Home + Design Magazine Sept-Oct 2011

A stroll along Main Street in St Helena last year was my official introduction to Erin Martin. Hers is a loyal perspective to the lifestyle of the wine country. From the pages of the Sept-Oct 2011 issue of California Home and Design magazine, experience her design of the Witt House in St. Helena and you will taste the life of the vintner, the oenophile and the gift of the earth.

Erin Martin Design



  1. LOVE YOUR BLOG DINA!!! I don’t have to subscribe to Archi. Digest nor buy lots of cook books anymore. Plan to cook that coq au vin soon as it is starting to get cold here in HK.

    Dina, I am dreaming of building a house in Baguio someday and I don’t mind making it a la ” Witt House ” . I like the kitchen, dining room, accent sections inside the house and the simple exterior. I won’t have a swimming pool but will have a big lanai with barbecue area.

    Keep it up!!! Cheers!

    By Camille Vergara on October 06, 2011

  2. Thank you Camille. I would love to work with you on your next project. You and Bernie are citizens of the world. Any home for you would be a marvelous canvas for your interesting lives and passions ! You forgot to mention that you will need a yoga room too !

    By Dina Dwyer on October 06, 2011